Infinite flight broken

It says beta not uptodate and when I press ok it brings me to test flight app and has no updates and I know you realeast the update so beta is down but how do I cancel beta

Delete the app from IF then

and try redownloading

Hi and welcome!

You do not need to do anything in TestFlight. Simply head over to the App Store and download Infinite Flight from there. Downloading the app from the App Store overrides any TestFlight build you have installed. More information can be found here:

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Delete the application - then re-download. If the troubleshoot persists, please check out the #support category. If you do not find anything there to help, then DM Cameron about this issue - he can help you out. But please resort to all alternatives before reaching out to staff (last resort if nothing is helping), because the Mods & Devs do not want to be pinged 1000 times a day.

This should be in the support category.The problem can be fixed by downloading the InfiniteFlight app from your app store

The solution has been given, no need to restate the same thing multiple times. Thanks

Please use #support for issues please :)