Infinite Flight: bringing people together

Ive been on the IFC for only just over a year, but ive noticed a lot. I dont see people arguing over a lot of things, and it rarely happens, the worst you usually see is “i disagree”. I see people enjoying and discussing updates, new fun things to do, a cool airport etc etc. it’s a place where people get together and share their love and passion for aviation, and i can respect that in its entirety


Love this!! :)


I agree, for many of us IF/IFC has taken a big place in our lives and I have met wonderful people.
The worst is not the “I disagree” but the number of topics on “unable to pushback” 😂.
Fly safe!


Agree - love the IFC. I’m used to, where you get ripped to shreds for expressing an opinion 😂


I should go on there and say: “Emirates first class is the worst” and watch the chaos ensue


I’m really happy to be part of this community and I love the atmosphere here where people are full of passion and determination…someone’s a future pilot like me, someone is a future ATC, few are ex- aviation field guys while others merely fly for fun…this community connects everyone from all over the world and we get to know a lot of ideas from different mindset which is truly amazing.

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