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A virtual organization created in mid-2014, with the registration and admission process in the IFVARB started and completed between May and August 2020, the IFBR has, since the beginning, the objective of uniting the Brazilian community in a single focus, the simulation of quality in Infinite Flight.

It is a fact that the group understood that its role goes beyond simulation when some members began their training process in real aviation claiming that the Infinite Flight Brasil community was an essential factor in inspiring dreams, generating the necessary motivation to take off each one’s goals.

With so many reasons and reasons, it is not for nothing that our system offers a complete training for the simulation of safety and quality in the most professional Infinite Flight server. Keep reading the thread to learn more.


These are the members who give the most to the IFBR, helping the pilots whenever they can and trying to make the group a better place every day.

CEO / PIREP Manager


COO / Marketing and Advertising / Human Resources

COO / Events Manager / Human Resources

Administrator / Instruction Manager / Events Maker

Administrator / Special Routes Maker

Administrator / Events Maker



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The application process is quite simple, you should go to this page of our website and click on the JOIN button (or come here).

Once this is done, you will be taken to a form that must be fully completed and submitted. After reviewing the form responses, an administrator will contact you through IFC, where you will receive a link to the IFBR server on Discord. You will enter as a Pilot in Training on Discord and, later, you will receive instructions to become a Graduated Pilot, which can put you in the high rankings of the IFBR.

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IFBR offers Pilots in Training a course that focuses on the quality of the simulation, seeking to improve or verify the skill and knowledge of each one, aiming to provide great experiences on the most professional server of Infinite Flight. We do this from our:

Knowledge and Ability Tests

It is a process that does not have a maximum number of attempts, the objective is to train and test the actions and knowledge of pilots from circuits in UNICOM to an instrument approach in a FULL ATC airport, through theoretical and practical tests; in addition, it is a great opportunity to be able to clear up several doubts about these matters, practically being a monitoring (more details on this on our website). Who determines the end of the training is the pilot, the instructors (INVA’s) are willing to help anyone.

At the end of this process, the pilot will become a Graduated Pilot and will have access to the Ranking and the Crew Center. If the pilot is an IFATC, he does not need to go through the training, unless he wants to.

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At the end of the training, the pilot will begin his experience in the first ranking: Amateur Pilot.
From this point onwards, the Graduated Pilot must register their official flight hours in the Logbook in our Crew Center.

When register official hours, it is important that the pilot respects the restrictions of his ranking, otherwise the hours will not be validated.

We use the great Flare Crew Center by VANet & @rebal15

These hours will be added in two different rankings:

Regular Ranking: In this ranking, the hours flown in all types of flights will be registered, up to the Instructor Captain ranking.
Master Ranking: this ranking will count the hours (event flights, special routes and normal flights) of the occupants of the position of Instructor Captain, the highest ranking.


Pilots, if they wish, can use the bonus for hours shown below in their flight registrations, in this way they can climb the rankings faster.

Flight Type Bonus
Normal No Bonus
Event 5x, 7x or 15x, depending on the event type
Special Routes 5x

Special Routes

Published weekly on the group’s Discord, the Special Routes seek to connect the Americas to the busiest HUBs and can target the IFATC’s weekly schedule.

The Rankings (Experience Status)

This tool indicates how dedicated the pilot is to Infinite Flight.

Ranking Hours Unlock
Amateur Pilot 0h - 10h Propeller GA aircraft only, routes within Brazil only
Private Pilot 10h - 50h Up to GA jet aircraft, only routes within Brazil
First Officer 50h - 100h Up to narrow-bodies, only routes within South America
Captain 100h - 200h Any aircraft is allowed, only routes within South, Central America and the Caribbean
Regional Captain 200h - 500h Allowed routes within North America
International Captain 500h - 1000h Allowed routes on all continents
Senior Captain 1000h - 2000h Able to receive internal roles (staff)
Instructor Captain 2000h+ Maximum level of Status

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The only requirements to enter the IFBR are:

  • Be 14 years of age or older;
  • Have an active account on IFC and Discord;
  • Thirst for simulation and add quality to the Expert Server skies.

Apply Now!

SBRJ/SDU. Credits: @Renan.

Infinite Flight Brasil © 2022.


This was the first Infinite Flight group I joined, it was the start of a great journey! ❤️️🇧🇷


It is an honor to be part of this team!🤩🇧🇷✈️

Some records of another beautiful event of the independence of Brazil made a week ago!

Credits: @Mauricio_B & @if.minas


We just posted our last event for this year, check it out!

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Screenshots of our penultimate internal event, a group flight doing the “air bridge” route SBGL > SBSP > SBRJ (contains editing).

@Mauricio_B on the hold

Departure SBGL RWY 28

Arrival SBSP RWY 17R

Departure SBSP with a beautiful queue in 17R hold

Arrival SBRJ RWY 20L

Credits: @Lucas_Botelho


It was an incredible event! Really good!


This one showing Galeão Airport was beautiful.


A marvelous edit made by @if.minas on his flight at our last event!


The best Virtual Organization of Brazil. LOVE IT.

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