Infinite Flight Boeing 777 300ER Emirates Dubai to Sydney

Airlines: Emirates
Aircraft: Boeing 777 300ER
Departure Airport: Dubai (OMDB/DXB)
Arrival Airport: Sydney (YSSY/SYD)
Flight Time: 13 Hours 23 Minuets
Step Climb: 35,000 to 37,000 to 39,000
Server: Expert

Full photo any on my Instagram


Awesome photos! :)

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Amazing pics

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Absolutely stunning! Will definitely have to do this flight after I complete my current one.

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Perfect! Gotta love the 777!

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Thanks you so much

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Thank you!

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Interesting! I can give you a waypoint that fits the flight path if you want. The flight is EK414 Dubai to Sydney

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Thank You!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but unfortunately there is a maximum of 10 images per topic (And you have 11) . Sorry! Wonderful shots though!

But, 1 for Background

How much fuel did you use

i don’t know. I forget about it. Sorry if i late to answer your comment

ay dont worry about it, its all good

Yeah @Captain_ATK is right, it doesn’t matter why there is an extra picture. It’s 10 maximum per topic