Infinite Flight Blue Angels

Hello IFC. With the Release of The new Boeing F/A 18 Super Hornet I have decided to start up the Infinite Flight Blue Angels. This is not a VA. We will start practicing right when I get full Group. Our first show will hopefully be on Saturday March, 11 2023 at NAF El Centro. All airshows and practices will be done on the Casual Server at that respective Airfield.

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Blue Angel Pilots

Diamond Pilots
Blue Angel #1 (Boss): @Cordale
Blue Angel #2 (Wingman): Vacant
Blue Angel #3 (Wingman): Vacant
Blue Angel #4 (Slot Pilot): Vacant
Solo Pilots
Blue Angel #5 (Lead Solo) : Vacant
Blue Angel #6 (Opposing Solo): Vacant
Blue Angel #7 (Narrator): Vacant
Blue Number (Video Editor/DJ): Vacant
Fat Albert Pilot: Vacant

Job of each Pilot
Fat Albert, #7 and #8. Fats Albert’s Job is to transport equipment (45000LBS) while preforming one demo with that same payload. Blue Angel Number 7’s job is to narrate the show while having an extra Super Hornet on deck in Case another pilot. Blue Angel Number 8’s Job is to run our Youtube, Edit videos, Make sure the Soundtrack for each maneuver is correct.


-Must be at least 13
-Must be grade 3
-Violation ratio must be 0.20 or less
-Must have access to discord
-Allows their real name to be used
-Allows their hometown to be said

What I am looking for in each pilot
Blue angel 2-4 Must be able to fly well in formations and has good control.
Blue Angel 5 & 6 Has good control. Being a solo pilot isn’t as hard but is still hard.
The easiest position in the Infinite Flight Will be Fat Albert
Please Contact In Pm’s and I will provide you for a basic 5 question exam nothing to hard.
I will be creating an IFC account for the Infinite Flight Blue angels too.
I will also assign you a navy type callsign plus a Rank ( O3 or O4)
“Non sibi sed patriae”
-Cordale “Woody” Manigo


What interesting topic unfortunately I do not have access to Discord sadly I can’t join the blue Angels

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What a very cool idea! I’d like to try it out.

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Hey There!

Love that you are interested in establishing a Blue Angles team! However, most of these types of groups might need to be run through the VARB, and on some occasions they are cleared without certification.

I would recommend running this by a VARB rep, and(or) an Infinite Flight Moderator just to make sure you are good to go! Wouldn’t hurt to get some clarification, and it would be unfortunate if it got shut down due to X or Y reason.

Again, I’m not a VARB rep, so I am not 100% sure what the official direction will be, however I have a lot of experience in the community and thought I should offer a recommendation. :)

I’m sure one of my friends over at the VARB would be happy to chat with you about it! Because in the end, the team wants you to achieve your goal, and they will help you in the best way possible to get there. :)

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It’s not a VA. So I don’t run through IFVARB?

Still it would be best to run it through the IFVARB or a mod.

Would I be able to join?

Yes. Pm me.

I don’t know how to do that.

In order to advertise on the IFC you’ll need to go through the IFVARB and register as a VA.

I’d start here: