Infinite Flight Blue Angels

Infinite Flight Blue Angels displaying the Right echelon parade pass, fortus, opposing knife edge pass, and Delta Fluer de Lis over NAF ElCentro on the casual server.
image image image image


Now those are some amazing formation photos there, awesome job!


These are some awesome pics, keep it up!

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those some fancy words


Nice job!!

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Would’ve loved to see that in person, looks awesome!

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Wow. I really miss those times. This was the best team I flew with since DynamX. Loved all the Honor, Courage and Commitment these guys put into representing the Navy in a very difficult flight model on a unique flight sim. 👍🏻


Awesome shot!

Is DynamX still an active VA?

Not since Overspeed left I think. Sometimes he does check in with us though

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Pic 1 is 🙌 nice 👍

What’s the aircraft, can’t find it in the sim?

F/A-18. Make sure you have ‘show legacy aircraft’ turned on when on the aircraft selection page.

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Great pics. A Blue Angels livery is a MUST have if the f18 ever gets reworked.


I miss it too! Maybe if we get a rework we can start up the team again.

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Lol, never knew that was a thing. You learn something new every day. Thanks!)

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Nice shots! You are good at handling fighter jets!

Practice makes perfect!