Infinite Flight BlackBox/ Crash Report

Previously there was a short lived feature request that was morbid and lacked any reason why the developers would want to add this feature to the simulator.

But today I suggest we have the Infinite Flight blackbox similar to the logbook but with a lot more information for the user to read and understand what they did wrong to have the plane crash in the first place.

I see a lot of new users and regulars ask on the forum “Why did I crash? I was asleep and woke up crashed? I was on a long haul and it says i crashed?

This usually requires a moderator to then use their amazing skills to find out what happened to the aircraft.

I can only imagine this is tedious work and the moderators doing something better.

Here is the suggestion:

Blackbox that processes the same data moderators see and put it into text format so the user can go back and see what they initially did wrong to incur the crash/violations in the first place.

This will cut down on confusion and topics create on the forum!

quite sure most of the users here would need a tutorial to understand the data

beside that, nice request


Actually this would be interesting, eaven if it gave you some stuff like altitude and speed… I have had a few crashes while I was away that I don’t know what happened, I like it!


Excellent idea! I’d like to have the option to look at crash data.


Me too, I have luckily never crashed while unattended but i have stalled my prop planes once or twice, I would’ve liked to have goneel back and check the data

Nice thought! I like the idea of something like that. I agree with the fact it would cut down on the ‘Why did I crash?’ topics.

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Exactly I can’t find any negative blowback from a feature like this

Pretty simple answer as to why you crashed: you hit the ground too hard.

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I’ve voted
I recommend you vote for your own feature request btw :)

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I could launch a new show Infinte Flight air crash investigation.


Oops didn’t notice I hadn’t, I thought it automatically voted the request of you published it!

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I’ve crashed several times on IF. Probably flying out of the envelope somewhat. (Ok alot!) But looking at the data would be great.

Since its a sim, it’d be better if you can get a replay of the last 15-30 minutes of flight so you can see what went wrong. Could help users interpret the data more visually.

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Great idea, this will help me a lot.

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Based on the fact that IF has camera angles, speed, altitude, etc. for a certain amount of time on solo (replay mode), just the speed and altitude should be possible to record for a short time before the crash. It can overwrite the older data until the crash happens. (Just my understanding)

I read the other request. Casualties caused?

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With the latest 19.1 update my wish to get a blackbox like feature has come true but only much much better!

Anybody that voted for this should unvote and save those votes for another next feature request!

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