Infinite Flight Bingo - Pilot Edition

I’ve seen this bingo trend going around social media recently so I thought it would be a fun idea to bring it to Infinite Flight! Feel free to download the bingo card below, cross of whichever boxes are applicable to you, and share your completed card with the community on this thread.

I’ll be posting the controller’s edition soon! Have fun everybody.




I’ve got one. “Accidentally took off with one engine on a live server”


I haven’t actually flown with a dev yet… soon though.

I’ve done all but flying with a dev. I’ve flown near a dev, but not sure if it counts XD

Blacked out here as well. 😂

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Same here, blackout big time

my own:

Always hated that many other pilots watching you stall and crash

Virtual airline is soon

I’m with @Asher I have done all of them so BINGO!!


You gotta participate in an event, I sign up for like 3 events each week

I was not here pre-global :(
I got to see Misha come into SLC today right as I departed but I don’t think that counts.


Are you sure you don’t have to get the whole thing?

Ticked off the entire thing.

Believe it or not I still play Pre Global


Pretty easy.

Participated in an event: I host many events (1 tomorrow) so I’m always happy to explore the world with traffic!

Crashed on a live server: Last time? Yesterday at RJTT, aircraft glitch stalled when you lift the yoke up suddenly. Before that? In a ANA 787-10 at RJAA, same thing lol! Before that? Air Peach at RJAA, stalled on takeoff due to a engine I must’ve turned off somehow during takeoff. Before that? must’ve been in my very early days, before LTFM was in service. I took off from Istanbul Atarak with 1 engine in a Turkish A321, same thing as before.

Moral: be scared if you see me in Tokyo.

Member of a virtual airline: Been part of about 10-15. I currently own 1 after trying to start 2 VA’s. One banned because of copyright which I didn’t realise and was new. Big mistake lol, second was Flydubai, and now to avoid advertising you can not see my current one on my profile wink*.

Flown with a dev: Not to my interest. Like we are all human beings and use the same aircraft in game, what’s the big difference? If I fly with someone I fly with anyone!

Flown out of home airport: Hasn’t anyone? Unless their airport isn’t edited… cough PM me cough cough for small airport suggestions cough!

Flown a real world airline route: My main purpose of IF. Basically 99.9% of my hours are this, not including General Aviation flights.

Flown every aircraft in the sim: Pre global and no money to spare gave me some boring times with all the aircraft.

Completed a long haul flight: Totally not flying a 16 hour flight right now…

Used Pre-Global: I did for 5 years. But I wasn’t on live, sadly.


I taxi with two engines, so I don’t think that has happened to me, so I don’t think that would work for us two Engine taxi-ers



Too easy. Interesting idea though, good way to pass time

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Good way to pass time by posting that way

Here is mine!

I do not remember if I ever crashed on live server. I DO know that the app itself crashed en outs LHR-JFK.