Infinite Flight before the fame

what’s a fond memory you have on Infinite Flight before it became one of the top selling Mobile Flight Simulators?

I remember having to either download or purchase an airport that you wanted. Very vaguely though.

What’s yours?


I didn’t play IF until after Global and all that. I think I started in 2022.


Playing IF with my cousin when multiplayer was first released :)


That sounds peaceful 😌


When you could only fly regions. So you couldn’t fly from Boston to London. You could only fly from Boston to Maryland or something like that


The day before multiplayer released I did one last region flight with an A380 and just cruised around.

I don’t remember what region though…


Showing my friends how to fly on IF in 2017 while we were bunking class in a corridor we thought was free of teachers. We were wrong. When I was on short final, we heard our supervisor walking into the corridor and we were dead scared he’d come into the room.

That was the most tense landing I’ve ever done (even 7 years later). Didn’t get caught luckily.


KSAN being one of the most popular airports in the game.


Crying about not having the money for it


This 👆👆👆
That is relatable

I started playing IF in 2022 and then my subscription expired. I bought sub again in 2023 and made an IFC account


Thats very true

747-8i releasing around Christmas and spending the money on purchasing it

Flying in out of KNUC with the detailed water around the airport all manual landings.

I remember before I purchased pro, I had peacefully flown alone, it was surreal. With pro it’s fun and I enjoy it but sometimes I miss the short regional flights alone.

Oh my… great question! I have so many:

  • I remember sitting in the passenger seat of my car with my fiancé (now wife) on a long road trip using my iPhone 5s and not having a CLUE what I was doing crashing airliners trying to land. Flaps? No idea what those are for.
  • Realizing how awesome and powerful this community was and like many dudes at some point in their life thought, “I could podcast about this”. So I did.
  • Going to Atlanta for #ifmodcon and starting some real and lasting friendships with some amazing people (my colleagues + @JoshFly8, @Stephen_Wilson, and many more)
  • And finally, the invite to join this amazing team and the countless fond memories ever since.



My brother and I used to do landing contests to see who got the smoothest, he used to win every time despite him having no idea what to do, but that was some fun memories before global, using the old 777 and a380 models, and even when the 767 still had an accessible cockpit view


Not an in-game memory, but more than 10 years ago when the only airbus was the a321 Us-airways and the only 787 the virgin atlantic, a friend of mine, now an airline pilot, introduced me to the app.

I thought 5000 feet was high.

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A room,

A 12 y.o boy in this room flying a plane upsidedown on his flight simulator called: Infinite Flight

This boy was me.

I remember when I first downloaded IF and still remember taking off 28R at SFO in a United 737-700. My dad would try to teach me the basics of flying and stuff. I then sort of played it on and off as sort of a fun thing. Then I decided I’d buy the subscription and it’s all gone up from there. Now I’m part of 3 VAs, IFAET, and am almost at 1500 hours. I’ve been playing since 2019.