Infinite Flight Baby Bus

Hello Everyone!

Today i’m back with another photo shoot! In this one, I’m displaying the A318 in the AMAZING IF livery! Enjoy!

All pictures were taken on Solo in the Denver area with the Airbus A318 as pictured.

image image image

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Thanks for tuning in, if you liked these shots, make sure to stay tuned for future compilations!


Awesome pictures mate, wish I owned a A318.


Stunning! I love the A318!


Third one is my favorite. Those have a slight edit right?

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They sure do!

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No he’s right it’s a A318

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Actually, that is the A318. I had a typo when I was creating the topic. Sorry.

Nice pictures man! I’m a fan for both the Infinite Flight 2K18 livery and the baby bus.

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