Infinite Flight B757

I would love to see the Infinite Flight livery in the upcoming B757 update! Let me know your thoughts below!

Not sure if you have seen but IF have already decided all the liverys so if they haven’t decided on it I dont think it will happen

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The liveries have already been chosen and I am sure they wont leave out there mark on it :)

Well I hope they will!

I can almost guarantee you this will already be done. The Infinite Flight Livery goes on all reworked commercial aircraft, and it’d be a quite silly to leave it off this one. Gotta have the livery for the App Store video🤫

I have a feeling that this will come … or It will be kind of ridiculous to see a 777 icon in a 757 update lol

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I agree with @bcc.123. I believe that they’ve already been working on the livery, and that it will be coming with our beautiful new airframe!

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how has this topic not been closed yet?

i honestly don’t know. lol

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Simply wasn’t bumped and forgotten about when it was released, not much else lol. Just flag it and it’ll be fine.

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