Infinite Flight Avation Lovers Opening

Hey guys I know that this may seem wired and you guys may think this is a clone of IFAE but I have started to seek out staff for IFAL(Infinite Flight Avation Lovers) requirements are that this person has grade three a live subscription and must attend our events we do have a website which can be found here please join us we are seeking out members with @Callum_Brayshaw as our head of media we are looking for a head of events manager and head of pilots/callsigns manager thank you, ShiKai1 1503550741159

Please contact IFVARB (@JoshFly8, @DeerCrusher, @IceBlue) before advertising a virtual organisation on the forum. Thanks!


Fully convinced this is a dating site


Iā€™d like to nominate @dush19 since he has no other hope of love