Infinite Flight August 2015 Update

Why was your post flagged?

How much does XP matter these days anyway? Time doesn’t equal experience (or quality of being a pilot). And time is all it takes to earn XP. Maybe the 737/BBJ could be unavailable unless you’ve subscribed to live and have enough XP to fly on the Advanced Server. Can imagine people who don’t want to fly on live would get annoyed by this though…

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The new update is awesome! Especially the atc improvements and autolanding feature of bbj. However I failed to observe the new ground effects of bbj. Can you please elaborate?

@philippe can you give us an estimate for the a320?

What is with this XP business anyway? Are you not flying for the joy of it? For me, XP comes as an after thought. If you are flying just for XP points, I think you are rather missing the point. Just an opinion.

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When’s the update out for IOS ?

the one that locks the auto land. if you play FSX that pretty much is the LOC and APP button… combined in IF. only available on the BBJ for now ;)

No one knows when will the next update (probably containing the A320 will be). Not even the devs :)

Thanks for Info! I would like to try those new Features 😀

Will u eventually add the autoland feature for all aircraft? @philippe

Please search before asking questions:

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Best reason I can think of would be “Off-topic”.

wich time is PST ?

Pacific Standard Time, but I think he means PDT because we’re currently in Pacific Daylight Time.

when will it come out in uk

Yes and when comes then the update if it is PDT. in pacific time

Wait… Its a new function? I did not update to 15.04 but I can autoland?!

There is no certain time, just read the first post.

when will it come out GMT?