Infinite Flight August 2015 Update

I see…

Completely forgot about that! Thank you for clearing this up.

Ah ok thanks

What do they mean by locking the approach?

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You can select specifically which approach you want to take i.e. which runway of which airport you are landing at. In the old system, or if you use auto in the new system, it “guesses” your approach based on your position and heading. Locking allows you to begin monitoring your approach from much further out, without interference when other approaches come into range that you don’t intend to take.

I hope the game would update the Spitfire and other partially aircraft that has no animated parts and virtual cockpits.
Hope fully the Spitfire Mk VIII would be reworked first because the missing part only is to add the virtual cockpit.

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Yes, For Android only


I can not update the game

Are you on Android?

It’s probably due to the fact that the developers have only pushed the roll-out to 50% of users. So, you may be part of that other 50%.

Still, he’ll probably be pushing the update out for all android users today :-)

I hear there are new sounds when on the runway? Are these rumours true!

I really hope no one is going to get XP for an Autoland.

I took me almost two years to get more than 300 XP for a 15 minutes flight. For every flight.
That means touching down with less than -200 ft/min, just like the Autoland does…

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Hopefully it’s at least drastically reduced, whole point of experience points is that you are experienced with landings?

But none the less, it’s a cool feature, not on my top lust but still cool! :)

Nope, I just think that it isn’t fair…

By that I mean experienced with manual landings.

Haven’t rolled it to every android user yet.

I got 150xp points using the autoland earlier today.

Thanks for letting us (iOS users) know :)
How long was the flight?

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That’s my most popular plane, I fly it about 15 times week compared to any other aircraft!