Infinite Flight August 2015 Update

Here we go again. They’re grown ass men, they can choose whether or not to spend time on the forum and read tags. Some of the people on here… honestly.


They will sue you if you tag them. sarcasm off Seriously what do some people think? They are gods? If you have a point, make sure the devs know! Gosh…


I’m telling u know, it better be released by Tuesday cause I really wanna play it. I’m so excited about it!!!

Wrong update bud…


Nah mate. Don’t know what ur talking about!!

Here is the correct update

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Why was the August one changed to within the next few hours? shouldn’t that be the November one?

Where was it changed?


When is it coming out??

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i thought it was today…

8 more days?

Wow. I can’t wait that long…

In time for thanksgiving 😀


They don’t count weekends I believe? So a week would be tomorrow or Wednesday

ohhh my god

I can’t believe this…

What? Lol what can’t you believe?

This is the August update.

I knew it would’ve come out Wednesday, I wished they pushed this before then then for android, like they did for autoland