Infinite Flight August 2015 Update

We just pushed an update for all our Android users. iOS user should be getting the update within the next few hours.

While there is no new content yet (quality takes time), we worked hard to improve many aspects of Infinite Flight while adding a couple new great features.

As usual, take a few seconds to rate the game on the App Store and Google Play store after each update. If you have issues or questions, before rating, simply post in the support category, or send us an email at, we (or our amazing community) will do our very best to assist you.

Without further ado here is a summary of what is included in this update:

• Better fog rendering at low visibility
• Lowered minimum visibility to 100 meters
• Added a new Autoland System for the 737-BBJ (Please check help pages for operating instructions)
• Added ground effect on the 737-BBJ (more airplanes will support this soon)
• Added Screen Resolution option for better rendering performance
• Approaches can now be manually locked by long press on the approach indicator
• Improved overall text rendering quality and performance
• Fixed issue with some runway markings not following runway extends
• Fixed small positioning error for runway with overrun
Many updated airport layouts.
• [Live] New shortcuts menu let’s you send previous commands with a single tap
• [Android] Infinite Flight Live subscription will not auto-renew and can now be purchased with gift cards
• [iOS] Added 64bit support
• [iOS] Fixed issues with iOS9 public beta

Happy landings!


Lovely update! Can’t wait to use the autoland on iOS when it comes out :)


@philippe what’s the status on the shaking of aircraft and floating calibration bugs?

Thanks for the updates.

Thanks guys keep up the good work

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Point me to a nice bug report in the bug category and I can tell you :)

Thanks for mentioning that @Harry
In my option the “Floating point” is the most annoying bug in IF.

And obviously a big thank you to you developers as well!
I think I’m going to invest money in this app for many years ;)


?? So did you like publish it for iOS like 7 days ago?

Yes we did.


You guys are so considerate <3 :)

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Doesn’t mean it will be like this every time. Having a week to test a new update in the wild on Android before it hits iOS users is very helpful. If only ppl would understand this, I would spend so much more time on adding new features than explaining this 500000 times :)


I understand. In short: Android users are your test dummies and iOS users get the best out of everything :)
I AM JUST KIDDING!! But I do understand what you’re trying to say :)


As Laurens said, a very big thank you to the developpers!

I am just waiting for tomorrow! I will be flying tomorrow back home (in a real plane ^^), I think I will spend more time flying on Infinite Flight than looking outside!

Bravo to the entire IF team! :))

What is the “added ground effect on 737 bbj”

Thank GOD now there won’t he any kore iOS 9 crashing Bug posts…


Anyways thank you all for the hard work-I can’t wait to try out the autoland tomorrow 😀. What’s the ground effect?

Also thank you for delaying the Android update so iOS users don’t have to wait and drool for a while (I admit by the end of the week I get kind of itchy for the update)

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Will the new update fix my full leaderboard access issue…if l upgrade…it worked back in June…so l can’t find the reason


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I too would also like to know the details of the newely"added ground effect on 737 bbj"