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Hi I am a C1 controller(CID:1378014) on vatsim so i do have experience with atc. If i wanted to join Infinite ATC would i have to start from the ground up to center

Yes that’s correct on expert server. Once ur IFATC I believe it’s 60 days until you can train for app/dep and center


I believe it is 90 days. Whatever correct me if im wrong.

Idk for certain. I heard it was 60 days

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VATSIM and Infinite Flight radar are different in their own ways in how you operate or work the actual position with commands and what not. All applicants must go through the same process regardless of outside experience.


If you have experience on other simulators I don’t think this will help in your recruiting process.

You would start as Apprentice, which will allow you to control Class Charlie and Delta airports, and then specialist which will allow you to control Bravo airports. The rank for radar (Center, approach, departure) is Officer, and you need to be at least 2 months into IFATC before you can apply for officer rank.

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As an ex-Vatsim controller, I can confirm that they do not treat you any different. Same recruiting process, and same progression.

You might as well throw your Vatsim experience out the window, because IFATC is a totally different ballgame. Unlike Vatsim, the challenge is not the complexity of the procedures, but the sheer number of aircraft you will have to deal with at times. Imagine the largest Vatsim event you have ever controlled during, and multiply the number of aircraft by a factor of five. Quick reaction times, remaining calm under intense pressure, and knowing your limits are all extremely important. When I recall my most intense ATC session throughout my entire virtual career, it occurred on Infinite Flight — not Vatsim.

You also need to be extremely adaptive. Unlike Vatsim, you will never control an airport long enough to become intimately familiar with its procedures. You will control a new region every day, which means that you need to be able to translate a base set of skills into a new environment and quickly adapt to it.

I highly encourage you to apply for IFATC when you get the chance, because you will never experience anything even remotely similar to this on Vatsim:

Screenshot provided by @Juan_Oosthuizen


Adding to everybody, the ranks are not like VATSIM, here is the ranks for VATSIm I believe:

  • TOWER Controller (S2)
  • TMA (Approach and Departure) Controller (S3)
  • Enroute (Center) Controller (C1)
  • Senior Controller (C3)

In Infinite flight the ranks are:

  • Apprentice (T and G @ D/C airports)
  • Specialist (T and G @ Bravo airports)
  • Officer (Approach and Departure, along with. Center @ Bravo airports)
  • Supervisor ( Basically it’s like C3 on VATSIM, but you’ll be able to control 6 frequencies at the same time if I am not mistaken [ATIS, GND,TWR,DEP,APP,CENTER]

Yeah as I can say as well as an ex-VATSIM Controller. Bring your knowledge to the table its a different game but safe field of operations

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Adding on to the posts above, this is all you need to know about joining IFATC.


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