Infinite flight ATC TL not working

Ok guys, so I just got trust level 1 and I want to become an atc on the expert server. I got the mail saying that I’m TL 1 but as soon as I try to become one, it’s says that I need to be lvl 1. Idk if I need to do something before or it just needs time to refresh. It’s now been 5 hours and still no good news. Does anybody know what to do


To be ATC on the expert server, you need to apply for IFATC which usually takes a while.

You have to be IFATC. I will list the requirements below:

  • Trust Level 1 on the Community Forum in good standing
  • At least 14 years of age and as specified by Discord HERE for your country
  • Minimum stats to enter Expert Server (Grade 3)
  • Infinite Flight Account must be linked to IFC account in-app throughout the process
  • All-time stats do not exceed 50% Level 1 Violation to landing ratio
  • Minimum of 500 ATC operations
  • At least 60 days since last Level 2 or 3 Violation
  • Valid email address

Source: IFATC Recruiting

Cheers, Rye. :)

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Hello @Felix_M-Hay

To continue on what @ybtl.aviation said above, if you meet the requirements, you may apply here:


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