Infinite.Flight ATC Thread @ N/A [Closed]

I’m working on a project for FVA and decided to do some experimenting with my knowledge of controlling. Please feel free to come out, do some patterns, fly in, depart, or whatnot.

Where?: TBD
When?: TBD
How Long?: Probably 30 Minutes
Server?: Training Server

Constructive feedback is appreciated :)


I honastly wish I could make it, but I’m sure you’ll do great. Best of luck

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Thanks bud :) truly appreciate the kind words.


Runways have been updated for this particular attempt. I’ll update them when weather changes.

I’ll be down in a minute.👌

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I’ll be waiting Trio

Closing in 10 minutes guys :)

EDIT: Closed or whenever @Trio lands ;)

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Thank you to @ThomasR and @Trio from the forums (all I knew) for attending. Nice little session and you guys made it worth it. Feel free to leave any feedback on what I can improve.

Your good. This is just nitpicking. When you give me a runway change i.e. when you told me to enter left downwind 34L, you have to clear me with a left traffic instruction. When I asked for transition you were off by about 10,000 feet. Your airspace was surface to 7,900 it should have been 13,000
Refer to this:

You were flawless otherwise. I’d love if you would join my group!

Also, would suggest as you probably already had this.

I assumed when I said cleared above 3 thousand that it was assumed it meant AGL.

No, means surface to your airspace plus 5,000 feet.

@Tyler_Shelton and other IFATC members have kindly refused me entry. I just control now for fun :)


Then that is an easy fix :) I’ll have that fixed next time.

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no longer open (EDIT)

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