Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Nevermind! Lots of time to practice then I suppose and remember you can always control on the Training Server.


It gets boring because of an obvious reason though ( AKA All topics are closed about rogue pilots on TS1 )

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I wish I could become IFATC now but… I can see why they put 14 yrs of age… its not unfair I just wish I could pass a couple years…

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It’s due to maturity. Being this age ensures everyone is old and mature enough to be part of IFATC. While it may seem unfair, for the most part it works out better this way.


how active do you have to be in order to be IFATC? is there a certain amount of ops a week?


Typically 2 weeks of controlling will equal too 500 operations.

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That doesn’t answer his question. He was asking how active you need to be per week.


There is no set amount of ops needed each week. Just control as much as you can. It may have changed but I was told you need to control at least once every 3 months to keep your place.


No there is not. You can be as active as you like. Obviously not to the extremes of going months without controlling because then you will need retesting.

I was thinking of starting my “Path to IFATC” career mode. But If I control like 2-3 times a week for maybe 30mins - 1 hour after I get to IFATC, I didnt wanna put in all the work to lose my position.

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I haven’t been able to find What is a “valid ATC Op” ?

Like just clearing an a/c for pushback or take off will grant you a valid op ?, or Is it being active on an ATC fx for a set amount of time ?

That’s fine. All we’re asking is that you don’t go NORDO for months on end once you get in. Effort is what we look for.

Every taxi, takeoff, landing, and approach clearance grants ops. You can check your stats by messaging a recruiter as stated above.


I am not IFATC, how can i see my ops number?

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If you intend to proceed toward joining IFATC and meet all of the other qualifications and follow the procedures laid out in the thread, they will let you know if you qualify.

Contacting to know how many ops you have out of pure curiosity is not really something that should be done. Otherwise the few who can check it would have everyone just contacting them to know how many ops they have all the time, which is not an effective use of their already scarce free time.


Good Morning Tyler (7/2/2017) -

(-) RK
(-) 32
(-) Grade 3
(-) Also, Senior ATC on separate platform (ATC4REAL) in regions such as DFW, LAX, MIA.

I’d like to check and see if there are any openings for ATC - Expert Server.

Thank you.

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”New User”. He can’t PM anyone. 🤷‍♂️

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This is what I get for reading as soon as I wake up… Never again.

My apologies.

P.S- Good luck, Kas. Interesting portfolio.


@r.kas15 - You should now be able to send a private message to any of the recruiters mentioned in the first post to get the process started!

Good luck!


@Lewisjd101 Please read the post itself for instructions. Thanks.


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