Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Im Sean and would like to sign up for the Infinite flight Expert server Air Traffic Control. My User name on IF is Sean Riedel and my callsign is N428PI. Im 14 and have 270,206XP and am Grade 4. I have 2,189 Operations on ATC.

Thanks. Sean


You need to wait until you’re TL1 to message a recruiter. Look around, read some posts like some and you’ll be there in no time!


Great! Just messaged one of you about joining 😀


Would love to, but I need more practice first.


How to contact the recruiters?


You need to be TL1 to message a recruiter. Look around, read some posts and like some and you’ll be there eventually!


Do you copy and paste this every time?


He simply guiding people in the right direction. As needed, you need minimum of TL1 to PM a Recruiter about your interest


Does anyone know how long it took them to get a reply from their application. It’s been Almost a month and haven’t gotten a reply. If anyone could shed some light on this.


Have you ensured you meet all of the requirements? Some recruiters may not respond if you have not messaged all the required information:


did everything. and it has been 30 days.


They are probably busy and may have not seen your message. If it’s been 30 days and you have got everything in the original PM just send them another message and they should get back to you.


thanks. just wondering possibilities for the delay.


Most trainers and recruiters will get back to you. Just a matter of time.


Go back back double check you message. Make sure everything is there and it’s correct. Really wanna stress the fact that they have lives and work out side of infinite flight as well. Patience is key. Good luck!


There are a few reasons for a lack of response from the recruiters.

  1. Recruiters are busy people. They have personal lives in addition to training and other ATC duties. Be patient.

  2. You failed to respond with the correct information. Recruiters are not going to hold your hand and ask for every piece of information. If you want to be IFATC you will be expected to follow instructions and pay attention to details. Sending a message that simple states “I would like to be IFATC” shows the recruiter that you did not read the very first post of this thread and also that you failed to follow instructions. Imagine this is a job interview in the real world. If you simply email them one line saying “I want this job” your application is going in the trash. We are not being harsh here, its life skills.

  3. In some cases if you did send all the appropriate information and you still havent heard back - and you have seen them active online - go ahead and send them a POLITE message asking if they recieved it. Things happen and it gets lost with all the other PMs they recieve. Please do not email every recruiter if you do not hear from one.


Thanks for tips. I definitely will double check that all the info is correct. Thanks again.


Perhaps give these a read… People are still doing exactly what these posts state not to do


Yeah thanks. For all the help


i am interest on being an atc at IF I am one of atc as tma controller and mentor at vatsim of south east asia

please contact me once