Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


I have messaged that I am interested in being an atc but have not got anything back for a long time now.


When was the message sent, and are you totally sure you meet all of the requirements?


yes, I originally PMed another recruiter and didn’t meet the specifications and messaged them when I finally did but, had to contact another because the original recruiter never responded (last I messaged them was in December)


So I am not IFATC, and am not really that close, but, is it ok with the activity rate of you are only able to every so often, becuais I meet the age, but I have school, and swim practice, etc. So I can still be on regularly, but not constantly, is this alright?


I think you didn’t read the main post carefully enough

Messaging someone else is already you breaking the ground rules


Dear tyler my name is stavros i am 17 years old and i come from Greece. I really like being an Atc.
My Atc opperations are 17000 and i am on the 3rd grade. I would also like to comment that in my opinion i fullfill all the requirements needed
Display name : greekpilot2001
Callsign: N346JJ
Best Regards
Stavros Kardassis


Try to get to TL1 by reading, posting, liking, and following the guidelines, you’ll get there in no time!
After you have reached TL1, you will be able to contact a recruiter and start your training for IFATC!


Yes the requirements is once a month I think. So even half an hour at a Charlie every month is enough.


Wait until you’re TL1 to PM a trainer. Read, like, and create posts and you’ll be there in no time!


Is there a specific way I should go about asking for some IFATC to do some flying under me to give feedback? Haha not sure if I’m just supposed to post here or if there is someone to DM specifically


Just post on your ATC Tracking Thread and usully some of our IFATC buds will come down and give you some nice feedback.


Okay so so I just announce I’m open and they will see it? I shouldn’t do anything else?


Yep, we will see it ;)
I’m in the air right now but I’m sure someone else will be able to help you out.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be IFATCs though.
There are a lot of other qualified people around who are not part of the Expert ATC team


Yep I was just referred in the direction of IFATC for some qualified training ;)


If you want some official IFATC training then you can always contact one of the IFATC training team. Found here: ATC Training Team


Captain Davi
Grade 4
563 Operations


You need to wait until you’re TL1 to message a recruiter. Look around, read some posts like some and you’ll be there in no time!


Ok what does TL1 mean?


It means Trust Level 1.


Ah ok thanks so now I just have to wait?