Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


aaahhh ok ok thunks i understand ok.
Thank you Carrots4luke1



Firstly, I wouldn’t share all those personal details here on this thread.

Secondly, be sure to read the thread. You need to Private Message one of the recruiters. However, at the moment you can not private message so keep contributing to the forum for a little while and you’ll be able to message them.

To private message someone once you unlock it, you must go onto their profile and click on the button that looks like this:

Good luck getting through that application process. Remember though, a key skill of an Expert Controller is listening and paying attention to detail.


Thunks!! Now i understand all. Ok👍👍


THank you sir I will get on that!


@Carrots4Luke1 I was thinking of applying to be a ATC on IF (since i’v been playing on and off for a couple of years) and do you have to private message the recruiter, because it won’t let me. any other options for contacting a recruiter?


You need to reach TL1 in order to PM. All you need to do is read, like, and reply to some posts to reach it. It’s super easy, trust me! You’ll be there in no time (:


thanks. but I guess that is the only way to contact a recruiter.


Go to the ATC option on the screen below fly online the look at the top right it’ll say how many operations


I’ve tried contacting the recruiters and the forum doesn’t allow me to PM anyone. I am fairly new to the forum so not sure what I may be doing wrong. Posting here in hopes someone will reach out to me to initiate the expert ATC testing process. Happy to provide the required information once I can get in touch with someone. Tagging a recruiter here in hopes it might help. Thank you! @JoshFly8


Unfortunately you are not the required trust level to DM other users.


Thank you @Chief305. As I mentioned in my original post, I am new to this forum, so please pardon my ignorance and I want to ensure I understand. I’ve been playing in the app for 4+ months and have over 4,500 ATC operations on the training server, and meet the other listed requirements for the expert ATC process. Am I understanding your post correctly that my being new to this forum precludes me from being able to take the tests? If so, what is your recommendation for meeting the forum requirements? I don’t recall it listing anything about forum participation in any of the expert ATC qualification requirements, so want to ensure I am not simply confused about the process. Thank you! Appreciate your help.


Be active on the forum and you will become a basic user, it’s easy to get. Once you reach that then you have the ability to PM a recruiter to start the process.


A couple of days ago I thought I applied to a recruiter but when I go to my messages I can’t tell if I actually did. And I do t want to reaply.


PM me and I can help you check if it sent :)


Is the base age 14, nothing else? Or if you can prove that you are a good and experienced controller can there be an exception?


These are the only requirements :)


Ok, thank you. 2 years to go then!


I’m very excited to apply, but I can’t at the moment because I still have over 10 hours left to reach my destination in Infinite Flight and don’t want to exit in the middle of the flight just to take a screenshot of my flight operations. Speeding up from Mach 0.83 to 0.88 ;)
But I do have one question, how can I prepare for the test before taking it? Is there a particular tutorial I need to do first?


I would recommend you to watch the ATC tutorials on YouTube.
Air Traffic Control Tutorials:

Also, read through #tutorials:atc, that will help you too.


If I were you I’d use these two years to collect over 15,000 flight operations. By the time you’re eligible, you’ll already be one of best Air Traffic Controllers in Infinite Flight ;)