Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


They are all very busy. It might be worth pinging them another message in a day or two just in case it got buried in all their other PM’s


I would advise against that. Holding off seems to be the best strategy to maintain professionalism.


Yes, just keep waiting or you’ll regret it. Patience is key. :)


Hello I would like to join the expert air traffic controlers

David R
19 years old
Grade 3


You need to wait until you become TL1 to contact a recruiter. You can then PM a recruiter with your stats. Read, like, and share posts and you’ll get there in no time!


What does TL and PM mean?


Trust Level and Private Message.


I want to take the ifatc test for expert server control.What should I do?


You should read the post.


Following the instructions in the first post would be getting off to a start at least…


I want to take the ifatc test for expert server control.
IFK-1578,korean air 528,grade3,15years old


I’m almost to 500 operations on ATC. Is there anything else I can do to prepare myself to see if I am IFATC material?


Take a practice test. Re-watch all the tutorial videos pertaining to ground and tower ops several times over. Try and get some of the trainers or trusted competent people to work with you for a session. Be God at sequencing.

There’s also this buried in the forums.

Just kidding about the practice test.


Hello! you are currently unable to message any controller since you are at trust level zero. But there is hope! Just start reading around and liking posts to get your trust level up. Good luck on IFATC!


I would laike to be an expert IFATC. I almost have 500 operations in training mode.


Once you get your 500 operations, and gain the next trust level, make sure to message a recruiter then. ;) See you in IFATC soon, hopefully. ;)


Hi everyone!

It seems that everyday we have people asking how to become IFATC. It is outlined in the first post of the topic, but here’s a reminder.

  • You must contact a recruiter via PM saying you would like to join the team. Make sure you send a screenshot of your operations count, your age, your current display name and callsign.

Note: If you are unable to PM, the keep reading through the forum, like and post to become TL1 (Trust level needed to PM)

Next time please read this before asking on this thread. Because everything is outlined here! :)


Guys… If you don’t read the main post and just ask here how to become IFATC, then recruiters won’t get a good first impression of you. As an IFATC you need to be able to think by yourself and inform yourself with information like when to on guard somebody. So to anyone who is about to ask “Hi, how can I become IFATC” just read the main post. I did it, too and it worked.


Thank you. How can i know a numbers of operations y have?


If you go to the ATC page in the app, it will be displayed in the top right corner!