Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


Absolutely, My mistake for being fairly vague in the message. It was a way of asking the IFATC how badly they need Air Traffic Controllers. I saw long ago that @Tyler_Shelton had said they needed controllers so bad, to where they were looking past requirements.


I literally just discovered this. 🙌🏾


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Message sent to you. ✌️


Just keep reading, liking, and commenting. You will get there


You need to contribute more to the forum before you can PM. Post topics, reply, like, etc.


Name: Mauricio2399
Callsign: MC23
Age: 18

I have gained a lot of experience in Infinite Flight. I have more than 411 hours of flight time, 358 landings and more of 270,000 XP.
Hope you consider recruiting me. Beforehand thank you for your tim


You need to directly PM a recruiter if you want to be considered.


He can’t, he’s a TL0 user


Ah, then I don’t think he can apply yet anyway, can he?


If that’s the case he should wait until he reaches a level in which he can PM before trying to apply.


Hi everyone!

So I’m almost 12 1/2 and I wanted to apply for IFATC, but I am a year and a half to young, so is there a way I can train to be an IFATC but not actually become one until my birthday?



There is a way. You can contact current trainers to request a session with you and they can give you feedback on what you need to improve, or you can create an ATC Tracking Thread and get feedback from the community. All works well! “Its ok to be young, but the dreams you make of it will never be changed”


I would advise against this. Learn the few months before your birthday or you risk forgetting everything. Just regularly practice on TS1 with feedback from normal pilots then get the official training to finesse everything. Good luck!’


Hi I would like to apply, and I do meet the requirements. Could a recruiter contact me as it seems I am too low of a level on the forum to use PM.


@Wasatch_Aerodynamics You will need to be at least TL1 to PM.


I’m not a regular but I am a really good air traffic controller and I love to operate at any airport, I’m at my best in tower but I’m good at any possession. I would love to join the team if that’s possible, thanks.


If you meet the requirements, then you are good to go!


I would apply, but I have about 100 too few operations haha

352 total operations to be exact