Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


A large number of those have been covered in previous tutorials, so it mostly boils down to technique posts, all of which differ from controller to controller. I’d say we have a pretty solid library of things for aspiring trainees to choose from at this point.

Thanks, however. :)


You made Joshua a recruiter?


Wow it’s weird to see a gif on the forums


Yeah, take a good look. You won’t be seeing much more of them.



For some reason I thought Josh was already a recruiter. 😂 but now that I think about it you’re a trainer. Anyways, congrats on the promotion buddy!


Oh I remember how Josh would literally write essays on the atc slack group chat talking about literally nothing aviation related besides how horrid our grammar was 😂oh the good ole days


He still does that 🙄


Well it still looks like I’m missing nothing on there to this day 🙃 I hope once I get back on there that this recruiting job keeps him busy now


Thought I would share an interesting Google Earth view of the testers during a test. Don’t worry, I am not spoiling anything as you can’t see the commands.

Funny how it looks like the pattern documentation we tell people to study???



How do you get that view it looks really cool.


One of the benefits of Live Flight Horizon…


Didn’t realise that… thanks anyway!


Another key thing to note with that KML file- there’s a reason why it’s important to remember your commands when controlling for the practical. It can make or break a smooth and compacted pattern flow.

Unless you’re Tom, of course. He’ll fly to Tibet and back.

   I am interested to 

My callsign is NA4R
My level of experience is at expert
I heard that operation and age which I had it
My question is if I have vailer what do I have to do



I believe you should be messaging one of the designated recruiters with this information sir.


It won’t allow me to pm anyone my stats to make myself eligible



That is because you’re not Trust Level 1, give a few likes and make a few posts and you should be there within a few minutes.


Have a read at this.


How big is the demand for IFATC controllers? I still would like some practice, but I was just curious.


Not sure what you mean by “how big is the demand” - but as a pilot I would say the more the merrier. They provide thorough service and pilots on expert server love departing/arriving at airports manned by them. So if you enjoy controlling and are trying to become one - I think you would love it. It’s not easy, though!