Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting


If you have met the requirements then proceed with contacting a recruiter listen above. Only contact one.


Hi I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and say the same as @azaan_shahid. And also if you want to DM a recruiter you have to be TL1. You can get TL1 by liking photos and reading some post.


So I have a question, if we become IFATC we must go in the airport where we want or only in airport of an event?


You go where we are told to control for that day, e.g. today we’re opening Eastern US and the UK as per our instructions.


We follow the weekly schedule posted by Tyler.


I meet the requirements but I don’t know how to contact a recruiter


You can contact a recruiter via PM, which I believe you have the ability to


Thanks just found out 5 minutes ago that I needed to be a basic user


@Azul123 Please carefully read the instructions outlined at the top of this thread. Following instructions is the first step in this process.


Sometimes if there isn’t any Delta or Charlie airport free(At the beginning you cannot control Bravo) if there aren’t any Delta or Bravo airport in the schedule or if it was like yesterday most of the small airports haven’t gates you can choose an airport in the region.


What should I put in for my display name and callsign if I constantly change it due to working for a VA?


Have which ever callsign and display name, and once you give the recruiter the information do not change it.


Yeah, no, plenty of people pass this test. They are supposed to be hard, so the recruiters know you are serious, and they don’t waste the time on your practical. Good day.


Hey everyone,

I’m kind of new to the forum, how do you PM one of the recruiters. I clicked on all the links of the recruiters and didn’t see anywhere to PM. Am I doing something wrong. I’m very interested in joining the IFATC. It gets frustrating in the training server when others don’t know or don’t listen to your instructions as ATC. I get others are trying to learn to fly, but controllers are also trying to learn.


You need to be TL1 to send PM’s. Try reading more and posting and you’ll be TL1 in no time. Once your TL1 the option to Private Message someone will pop up for you :)


Ok cool thanks. I appreciate the help


Welcome to @JoshFly8, our newest recruiter! Josh has been with the IFATC for some time and brings a great deal of experience, both in controlling and in the process of development to the team. Like many, ATC did not come naturally and required a great deal of practice, failures, and persistence to master. Josh has progressed through the ranks and now passes along that knowledge in the form of training and stellar controlling.

Please give him a few days to get spun up as always. Welcome! :)


Congratulations @JoshFly8! Does that me you will still be an IFATC trainer?


Yes. I will be doing both. If you need any assistance, my door is open, though I’ll need some adjustment the first few days.


Oh great guys prepare essay long preps on the art of atc from Josh haha, but definitely a great add for the IFATC!