Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

It means Trust Level 1.

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Ah ok thanks so now I just have to wait?

You need to contribute to the community. Give likes, make posts and read some topics then you’ll become TL1 in no time! :)

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Ok cool and then I will be doing the IFATC Test?

Once you become TL1, you can message a recruiter with the information that’s required and you’ll be underway.


A few notes:

  • The IFATC takes their job seriously to provide excellent service to the pilots. Part of that service is being a member of the community. Before you can apply to be IFATC, we ask that you at least meet the right trust level to be able to PM a recruiter. If you can’t, DO NOT message here but instead reply to other threads, like, and post new thoughtful threads to ease yourself into the community. For TL (trust level) information, see Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community for more information.

  • IFATC, like any other real world job, expects its members to be able to read and follow directions. Nowhere in the original post (that 90% do not read) does it say to post in this thread asking to be tested. PM a recruiter with all of the information. If you PM a recruiter with a screen shot of your stats screen, they will ignore it because you failed to provide the necessary information. We are not being difficult, its a life skill that is good to have.

  • Recruiters are busy people with real world duties. Life gets in the way so please be patient. If you have not recieved an initial response you should ask yourself “Did I provide all the information that was asked of me?” (display name,callsign,age,level of experience,screenshot of operations count)

Good luck, the world is a big place and we need more controllers dedicated to providing services to fill it!


Thank you and the last question when do I know when I’m TL1 and how do I message a recruiter?

Keep looking at your profile and you will see it go from New User to Basic. Then you will be able to send PMs

Be sure you have experience and read up on the training material. Recruiters will not hold your hand for every part of training, participation on your part is expected.

If you scroll up to the original post, the section where it says “Recruiters” and press on any one of them it’ll take you to their profile where you can press “message”.

Ok and I can only do that when I’m TL1 right?
Where do I see my current user status like new user

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You’ll get a message once you become TL1.

Thank you for helping me


I’ll message you momentarily.


I still remember many moons ago now back when the educational institutions still taught people how to read !!!


I already sent my information to one of the recruiters but no response

Did you send all of the required information?

Have a read at this.

I did sent all the info

Just be patient then.
The recruiter will get back to you eventually, he/she is probably really busy at the moment

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How long ago was it?