Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Is your question needed ?


If it’s an age requirement, it’s a requirement


You must be 14 years old to get an IFATC

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Simple question is the age recuirement for a driving license needed? Young people are way more emotional then elder people. And the may don’t really understand what they are doing.


A question,
can i contact the recruiters to get the training. I have all the requirements but i get gohsted 40 days ago.

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Please look at this topic:

All training requirements are listed there.


You can train with the scouters for now. However, you can’t take practical and written tests after 90 days since your ghosting


Yeah thanks but can i contact a Trainer when i can start whis the test in 2 weeks because of the gohst ?.

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Ah ok understand thanks man !😁

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Are you looking to contact the trainer or the recruiter? The trainer will help you improve your controlling, and then they will hand you off to the recruiter, who will have you take the tests, provided you haven’t been ghosted in 60 days. However, a trainer is not a requirement, only recommended. You could skip the trainer and contact a recruiter for testing.

Yes I think, because young people can be conscient in what there are doing @DS2001, I’m not an idiot if I’m sure?

Sometimes I am for fun

It’s like put the brakes before V1, because we never know what could happen…

Hehe, thanks dude, I know how to read :-)

I want to contact a trainer because i cant do the test with the recruiter because i get gohsted 40 days ago. Since when its 90 Days since last gohst ? In Tylers post stands 60 days since last gohst.

My mistake, it is 60 days. Contact a trainer in the time zone closest to you from the training thread I linked above.

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Thanks for the help ✌

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The requirements are here for a reason, otherwise someone could just say " Hey he didn’t have the requirements and he passed, why can’t I have an exception too ! "

I know you want to join IFACT so as I do, but we have to respect the requirements. ( btw we have the same problem, underage ) It’s been almost a year for me and I still have one more.


Imagine 20 aircrafts in departure frequency and another 20 in tower your mind blow up

The written part of the test isn’t actually that hard but i have to do the practical still, at least with the written part it helps to have watched all the tutorials

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That’s just your opinion, the written is an essential part of it so you should remember everything.

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I can do it! Let me find a recruiter…

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