Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Does the number of operations have to be within 90 days before they get erased?

Operations never get deleted. They continue to build up.


Oh ok thanks mate :)

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How can I check how many ops I have done as I have spent a lot of time controlling playground server?

Hi! If you pm a recruiter, they will tell you how many ops you have.


Recruiting Update:

All controllers can now see operations count regardless of Expert Server status.

To view, select the ATC tab from the main menu where you will see “xxx Operations” in the top right hand corner with your name.

Please send a screenshot of this to your recruiter on initial contact so they have exact display name and current operations count.

Best of luck to all controllers as you join the ranks!


Thanks you Tyler! I just saw that I have…

1’522 operations! 😱

The age requirement is really annoying… One month, it’s not that long.

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1684 operations, here I was thinking I had only 100 or somethin.

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That´s what happened to me when I joined IFATC. I thought i had around 700 ops when I sent my Details to my Trainer and it turned out I had 10 000 :))
Good luck on the testing process!


I’ll need it, I can’t do tests when under pressure of 20 minutes

you´ll be fine! Just watch Marks and Tylers tutorials on Youtube, be in contact with your Trainer and you`ll pass. Just take a deep breath! Its more time than you think!
And even if it doesnt work, you can always Retake the test.

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56% seems okay :> I’l retake later

The link for ATC tutorials says that the videos don’t exist anymore, is this true?

Nope… press this link:

That’s the playlist of all the basic tutorials

And then here is the ATC Tutorial section of IFC


After you first see your ATC ops total on TS1 …and you have just done more tower practice…how long is it before the old numbers are updated !!!


Control, leave IF, re load IF and they should be there


Same xD

Well, I think I’m ready for the test


For some reason I can not find a way to DM the recruiters, I apologize in advance; but anyway here is my “resume”. My display name is Aaron Huynh. The callsign that I have now is N106UO; and I am currently 16 years old. Although I am currently a level 2 due to the fact that I have not renewed my subscription yet, I currently have 138 hours of flight time, 705 landings, and 119k XP. I was well past grade 4 and one my way to grade 5. I have no clue whats so ever as to what my operation count because I do not know how to get that info. Would a recruiter be kind enough to tell me if I am qualified to become an IFATC, even with my low grade. If so I would be more then glad to renew my subscription and get my grade back up. Thanks.


Hi, you’re a new user TL0. In order to PM you must be TL1, make constructive posts and give likes and you’ll have it in no time. Or a moderator can manually promote you to TL1, Good Luck. Cheers!


You’re now TL1 and should be able to DM a recruiter! But as the requirements state you must be grade 3, not grade 2