Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Are you interested in becoming an Air Traffic Controller on the Advanced Server? I am looking for mature and knowledgable users to control the skies of Infinite Flight!


-14 years of age.
-Minimum stats to enter Advanced Server. (Grade 3)
-Minimum of 2 weeks controlling on the Playground Server.
-Valid email address.

To ensure a successful testing process, watch the ATC tutorials at The Official Infinite Flight ATC YouTube Channel.

What steps are taken before being added?

First, an interested candidate will contact a recruiter who will ensure all minimum requirements are met. Please contact your recruiter with username, age, and level of experience. The candidate will be sent a link that may be used once to complete the Knowledge Exam, a 25 question test that will evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic ATC procedures and commands. With a passing score of 80%, the recruiter will schedule a Practical Exam to evaluate the candidate’s ability to efficiently control an airfield with 4-5 aircraft.




When can I retest if I do not pass?

0-49%: 30 Days
50-79%: Two Weeks

Poor: 30 Days
Marginal: Two Weeks

Only serious and mature candidates will be considered to ensure the Infinite Flight Community is provided the best Air Traffic Control service possible!


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Good to hear! Best of luck :)


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Nope! If you go for long periods of time, we typically do a quick session to ensure controllers are still up to a reasonable standard but we will not remove.

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Tyler_Shelton, I am very excited to present you my knowledge regarding ATC, but one of the major problem is that I don’t have a current live subscription. Although I can give a test, but I can’t show you my practicality of Traffic controlling.

Please help so that I can prove my self to you without any further hesitation and confusion.

Thank you

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I got 68% on my test. Oh well I can try again soon

I am quite confused. How many hours in total ? Or how many ATC operations! ?


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Please PM him your Email. You never know what creeps could be looking…


Sadly, you need a live subscription. Without one it will be impossible to complete the tests.

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Looks like the minimum Xp requirement has been removed . We are looking for atleast 2 weeks of controlling on playground server and well as 14 years or older. Then we can issues you the written test. // Recruiter

Hello i’d like to be an advanced atc

Because users can see their accumulated operations total on the playground, I just ask that you have spent about two weeks controlling on the playground.


Please follow the instructions and contact a recruiter on the forum.

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Can I see in the app how long I have been controlling ATC on the playground server?
I was wandering, why the “summary” after finishing ATC always says “0 oberservers” and “0 operations” although I have managed a few starts and landings.

The same thing happens for me.

@Raphael_Shoshani @DirkGiessmann
Even though you get ops for the playground, you can’t see them until you become an advanced ATC.


Got it. Thanks for the quick response.

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