Infinite Flight ATC Flight Progress Strips

Hey y’all I was wondering if it’s possible to create flight strips that will connect to the API system and fill themselves out with Callsign, Aircraft, that after a pilot requests clearance or ATC gives a clearance or command, the controller can move them to a certain position for better traffic management. Is this a plausible option of an app that can be developed. I know some coding so I just want to know the difficulty of doing so

Is this a feature request?

It’s a question.

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I think he’s just asking if there is a third-party application/software that can re-arrange the flight strips for realism purposes



Thanks for clearing that up, was a little confused :)

Sadly it’s not as neither API allows for viewing of the ATC Log. I’d like to see this as much as you would!

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Okay thank you, it would be really useful, but in the mean while do you know any ios or mac software that allows me to do something similar, it doesn’t matter if I have to input the information myself

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