Infinite Flight ATC & Display Name List


That’s unfortunate, never thought of that. I’d still think Captain Merka - IFC is better then IFC Captain Merka.


Thanks though…


If IF has a Boolean search parameter you can find someone far easier that way irregardless of dashes or underscores


This isn’t the thinking behind my reasoning, but It’s also more practical when it comes to browsing through the main post because it is sorted in alphabetical order by IF display name.

To anyone that would suggest that we sort it by IFC username, that was considered before. People come here to find the user based off their IF display name so it wouldn’t make sense to sort by IFC username.


My display name is

Number 2


My name on IF is IFKY CaptainCaybrew


There at least 50 replies for this.


Missed that in the post. No need for the aggression.


Sorry for that. I was already upset about someone


I’m now in the process of adding an extra section for IFATC controllers’ IFC usernames seperate to the display names list. It will be completely filled out with all if not a majority of the IFATC controllers forum usernames. Thanks!


Name- prashant_divedi
IF username - IFATC Prashant
😂😂😛 @Prashant_Divedi

Haha, is my name there, mine Is IPP-CAPT PRASH
Callsign-AIVA001, I-PRASH


I know my name, stop spamming me😠😡
@Trio U can add me if m not there, follow this mess👆 ifatc Prashant is me :) thanks


Hey guys, please send the person for permission and then you can ask a Regular or Trio to add their name on there.


What will we do when the editing time-limit expires?


I think wikis have longer editing “lives”. I created this in October, it’s still editable.


Nono you forgot meee


Mine is IFC AviationJack


^^^, please read carefully, but I will add your name.


I will be updating the IFATC section today or tomorrow to add more names to list! Any and all help from regulars is greatly appreciated!


@Trio I don’t know if I need to ask but I’d love to be added to this list
Display name: Patrick_Jennings