Infinite Flight ATC & Display Name List


My Display Name has changed to IFGAC IFC Dylan M. Thanks to whoever changes it!


Just edited yours :)


Display name is same as on here. USA007


Display name: kaiser husky

Callsign: N1KB


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my Callsign now is BAVA-IPP-ItsBlitz! @Lucas_Piedra


Just moved your name ;)


Can someone add me on the list? Display Name IFATC Jonesrox55, IFC Name Jonesrox55


Callsign-IPP Daily Service


That’s display name @indraniel 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂


Is my name not in here? If not, my display name is “IFC-Pinecone.”


@Pinecone, your name is already there.

And this, too.


Oh, didn’t see that. Sorry 😬


My Display Name is the same as my username. Do i need to add it?


Argghhhh, PM a regular! Why is this not read everywhere on this topic?

(Sorry for being aggressive :))


Stop that, please. The 80% of anwsers are for this. Please.


I would encourage people to have your IFC username somewhere in your IF display name,
makes it much easier to find you on the forum. Also if you use acronyms in your IF display name, then it might be better if this format became more popular:

IFC username - VA/VO/Group Acronyms
Example: Trio - IFAE-ATCEG

The thinking is that it is much easier to read for any new users and makes more sense. It’s easier to distinguish what your name is.


My IFC username is “IFC CaptainMerka” to help do just that. This is a very good idea, but for now I think that that is the easiest way to make yourself identifiable.


That’s good that IFC is there but for new users and old who don’t know how to search, it would be easier if it said Captain_Merka - IFC. That’s just my opinion though, some may search IFC_Captain_Merka on the forum and go, ok, that person doesn’t exist. Then they’d move on with their day.


I agree, but it doesn’t let me do dashes or underscores. ☹️