Infinite Flight ATC & Display Name List


If you’re on safari, do the following to find a user.

  1. Click the dropdown that matches the first letter or number of the user you are trying to find.
  2. Click the share button and scroll to “Find on Page”


  1. Type in the users’ display name.

If that doesn’t work then click the search bar at the top right, check off “search in this topic”, then search for their display name in the search bar.


This is 👍 im going to bookmark this. Thank you


Make sure to read the post 😉


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Thanks mate, didn’t get that part of the post


@Trio Feel free to add me - IPP A Hippopotamus


Everyone, if you have requested to be added could you please check that you are still on the list. If not please PM me. When two people have to edit the wiki at the same time ones’ edit might get deleted by accident, so just double check for me. :/

If you are still on the list please do not state that you are currently on the list, only PM me if you are not. Thanks!


My display name is IPP-ItsBlitz, my IF username is ItsBlitz.


Please add my display name: IFC Infinite 2674 YT


My display name is IFC-Pinecone
You can put me in


I have added your name.


I have added you.


I’ve added your name too.


Thank you!


Mine is IFC_Jack


Added you to the list :)


Thanks! But I actually messed up my display name. It’s actually IFC-Jack. Can you edit it? Thanks.


Mine is IFC Aviator Airbus


All good! You are on the list.


Please read the post, thank you! :)