Infinite Flight ATC & Display Name List


Oh ok, sorry. I must have missed that part.


If this gets more people on it, it might be helpful to have it pinned so we’ll have less
“looking for xxx” topics!


IFC Name - Darpan_S
Display Name - Darpan
Most Used Callsign - Red 5 (Star Wars Reference)
@SkysTheLimit87 would you mind adding me because u are a regular of course.


I’m in the process of sorting the list by display name rather then username so it’s easier to scroll and find who you are looking for. :)


whoop, an error mistake


I think Trio knows. He’s trying his best to get everything together. Just give him some time.

IFATC Darius

Me and @Jose_Oscana found the [ that was missing. :)


I am Randomguy12 on both the forums and IF, but right now my calsign ks ‘XPFARM’ as I’m trying to get grade 3. But my IF username is Randomguy12


Slap my name in there, IFC Joseph007


You can edit your names into it, it’s a wiki and your a regular.


Oh yeah, I forgot I could edit my name.


This is a fantastic idea! My display name is “Owain-G - SAVA CEO” lol…


Nice idea @Trio! Btw my infinite flight username is IFC-IFATC-ADDY28…


Username: Proteus
Display name: Proteus


Username: Flying_Potato
Display name: FDXVA - Brendan


Good Idea!
Username: NorthernSkyy
Display Name: IFC NorthernSkyy


I spent a lotta time in thinking of ideas for making a wiki and this just came out.
Great job I’ll like to add many fellow members!


The post reached the 100 members limit for tagging people so I had to go back and remove the @ for each user. Hope that doesn’t lead to any confusion. 😬


How did i manage to make the list or was i just for example?


Great idea @Trio! Mine is WestJet Virtual.