Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2022!



We get to be in person together again! If you’re planning to be at OSH22, here is your portal to meeting up with us and knowing what we’re up to. Who’s coming?!


Wish I could attend but geographically that is quite impossible. Hope it is a fun event for everyone involved and I look forward to following it!


That would be sick unfortunately I live quite a ways away

I’m 100% planning on being there most of the week. While I no longer can say I live an hour away, I’ll be back home that week to visit.

I’ll see y’all there.


Its so annoying that I live in Denmark and I have to get a visa to get to USA

So it’s hard to me to get to the event

I was originally supposed to go, but plans changed and I’ll be in Wisconsin two weeks before Oshkosh instead.

Hopefully FSE comes back for 2022, in San Diego nonetheless. And to those that are going to Oshkosh this year, have a great time.

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I might be able to go. Have to see what my baseball schedule is though before I can say for sure.

@jasonrosewell will be buying tickets for all of us! 🥳


I’d go if it was a 5 min walk away

But I’m guessing it ain’t

Wish I could go, but unfortunately not this year. Looking forward to going next year!

I might go in a few years when I can fly myself there as a long cross country


Woooooo, I’ll be there. Hopefully, even more than 2 of the 7 days this time. 😎

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I’ll most likely be there with Civil Air Patrol helping run the show so I’ll be a teenage dude in a camo Air Force style uniform showing up at IF’s booth if it’s the last thing I do 😂


Oooooh lucky…I hope to do the blue beret in a couple years haha. Except CAWG doesn’t authorize the wear of the berets so it’s less exciting 😂

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If I’m able to get the time off work, will definitely try and fly down! Would love to finally see the show and meet some people. Maybe not @AviationReports though…

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Oof, yeah it’s actually a CAPR 39-1 thing for everyone as a whole, so I can’t wear mine either 😭

I’d be going as a staff member. Right now I’m an alternate but I hope I become a primary in time.

Anyway I hope to see you there and if I do, it’ll be awesome!

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Yep! In a couple years if you are still in CAP, then definitely, or at other events as well!

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Yessir, honestly I plan to be in until I die 😂

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Yep! Same here 😁