Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2019

I am hoping to come up on atleast two days. Will hopefully meet the staff team arriving at ORD at some point :)

I hope to come, since I’m gonna be there I want to stop by your booth. 😃 Oshkosh is the best.

I have to see if I could come! It would be awesome if I could meet IF’s developers, and @jacksonaviation

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Gonna be there! Can’t wait to meet the IF crew! 😄 I can’t wait!

Dang I hope to go next year and meet you guys I love EAA its so close to my home. If you guys need any tips I might be able to help you navigate and what not sadly I will not be attending EAA enjoy. If your a real pilot looking for hours I know in the past they have had the red bull flight sim there where you can log hours. Its always a great experience its a big year I think eaa is like 75 years old so there making a big deal of things it should be fabulous show as always.

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So now that you guys just posted about the fly into Oshkosh event, will that be like an FNF or an all week kind of thing that we can do on our own?

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Uploaded around an hour ago, Infinite Flight has made a great video previewing the EAA Ventures Oshkosh future XCub Tour. Take a look!


I love the video, it’s very professional and it’s cool that they have an EAA staff member in it! Can’t wait for the event!

What’s with the random couple that they keep showing in the video though? lol

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