Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2019


So excited


Of course you’re free to plan anything you like, but I think you’re asking if we’ll be planning one. I think for this event, hanging out at the booth will likely be the best option. These will be long days for us so we’ll likely want to keep evenings free to have some down time. This may change though and if it does we’ll keep you all in the loop!


Fantastic, sounds good! I’ll definetly speak to some IFC members that may be attending to try and organise something and if you and Laura feel you could make it, it would be awesome to have you guys there!


Very cool ‼️


Me 2. I want to go a lot. But I’m 13 and my parents are k ik NDA right on money and we dont have a plane and im going to nashville fli ch gt training camp to testify most of what I know and maybe learn a little.


We had a blast there this year and really enjoyed meeting @ Laura and @jasonrosewell. Looking forward seeing the IF team again in 2019!


Flight of 116 to Oshkosh, (in 2017, wonder if they will do this again this year,)