Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2019


I’m planning on taking a trip out there! Hopefully I will get some time to spend with you!


Awesome! Happy forum anniversary btw.


Is this my chance to meet the amazing LiveFlight Developer in person?!?


It depends, I may be on a break from the booth when you get there ;)


Check the topic before posting, 👍.


You wouldn’t take a break when your boss comes to visit you :p


I will be on Greece then :(


I dont think I can make it tho.I mean I’m not far away im only in Boaton and would love to represent and support the IF Team.Ill see what happens


It would be a good opportunity to meet the staff!!


Awww maaan I wish they did this in Australia 😭, oh well 🙂


Live about 15 minutes down the road from KOSH, let me know if you need any help finding accommodations. Glad to see IF coming to Oshkosh!


I’ll cover you. Have fun with Baboon xx


Oh very cool I might be comming.


My Dad and I flew a Piper Archer in for 2017. First Oshkosh and it is Amazing! The approach from Fisk is stunning, never been in the mists of so much air traffic. Bummed we couldn’t make 2018, because I wanted to support FDS too. However we are already making plans to fly into 2019. Can’t wait!!!


Seriously!! I was blown away with all of it and no ones eyes glaze over when you ramble on about your love of anything aviation. I’m sure you would agree, every avaiation ethusiast should make it a goal to go once in your life.


Do any of you know who Charlie plumb is he presents there every year


I’m not going to lie… it is very, very, very tempting to go. I’m even tempted to start buying things early so I can just soley focus on the air travel :) . I already know Delta might be the airline I choose to fly me out there. Either way, I am definitely excited :)


For infinite flight is it possible to add the “Colorado one” Southwest airplane? I would love to go to EAA but my parents won’t let me.


Hi George,

Below you’ll find the topic that you can vote on to show your support for the Colorado One livery. I’ll be biased as I’m from Colorado and I would love to see this livery one day. But the #announcements category isn’t the appropriate channel to ask for these features. Head over to the #features category and you’ll find an unimaginable number of requests that folks have requested.

Thanks for the understanding and your support!


Can’t wait to see the IF development team and shake their hand, Jason, and Laura will be there??)