Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2019


@cleipelt nice shots you got there! We need to go spotting together at OSH2019…


Soooo, who’s buying me a flight out the there?


What airport do you fly into surely not Milwaukee right? Is there an airport closer?


So long to wait for news… 😔


Appleton has flights from Chicago, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Punta Gorda, etc. so that is the closest but there is also Green Bay.


That’s the fundamental idea (we can share more on the blog, categorise it more easily and it looks prettier) - we’ll still have threads like this one where the discussion can happen :)


Probably not all of them. We’ll try to find the sweet spot!


Not all staff. We’ll have a team of 6 or 7.


Oh please say who :)


Thanks! Looking forward to meeting everyone who makes it next year 🙌


I probably won’t make it to the Expo, but this will be the perfect alternative.


ill most likely be there/


Has IF’s attendance for Flight Sim Expo been confirmed? Planning 2019…already…


I will not be able to attend but I hope this will go to plan


You could fly, i mean you could promote your app and have fun there?


Omg 😱 The most famous pilots on IG will be there? When’s the autograph sess? Lol


Lel I wouldn’t say that.! For any If staff or mod il do 5 bucks an autograph.


I would love to come I will have to check with my family about it


Will you be there the whole it or just a day like last time?


Yes, every exhibitor is required to exhibit all day every day while the event runs. We’ll be there all week.