Infinite Flight at Oshkosh 2019


EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisconsin is unlike any other aviation event in the world. With exhibitors ranging from aircraft manufacturers to flight schools and everything in between, we thought it was time for Infinite Flight to get in on the action.

At Oshkosh 2018, Infinite Flight co-founder and CEO, Laura Laban and I attended with one goal: to see if Oshkosh was a good fit for a product like Infinite Flight. The answer turned out to be a resounding yes. As we hung out with the kind folks at the NGPA booth to let attendees give the app a try, it became obvious that there was no shortage of interest.

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Glad to hear! See you in Oshkosh!


Man, I would love to be there to show off In-Flight Assistant… but not sure if I’ll be able to make it work, since that’s quite a distance from home. 😁


Cool! I should start planning to fly out!


Man but it’s so expensive… That along with the air travel is a pretty hefty bill… I’ll try to be there but who knows


I’ll consider. Would definitely like to meet some people here on the community and support IF. Is there an exact planned date?


Absolutely. The EAA website has all the information you need to attend. Dates are July 22-28, 2019. We’ll be there all week.


So heres my question, now that we have the blog does that mean that most #announcements posts will be these sort of half here, but you need to go to the blog to see the rest topics? Not nessarly good or bad, just curious…


Do you have plans to be at the Jones Beach Air Show in New York?


I went this year for my first time but couldn’t find what hangar Infinite Flight was in. Hopefully next year will be better!


I will be considering this but there is a likely chance I will come as well as to FSExpo 2019 in Orlando


I was looking at this earlier in September. Really want to go! Hopefully I get to see some of you guys there :)


Im on the same page as you for the travelling side haha


Oshkosh is so fun! I am hoping attend next year!


Living in Milwaukee, I cannot wait to possible see you guys in 2019. Thanks for coming back!


It’s super worth it though… Unlike anything else!


That about 4 hundred miles away from here. Hopefully, my parent takes me there!


Is all IF staff gonna be there?


Well, depends on their life.