Infinite Flight At Home Live Stream 261900ZMAR20

Taxi lights?

omg this 777 is gonna be epic!

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New sounds??? APU??? AM I DREAMING??


Of course you are.


I just skinned thorough the parts I missed where did they talk about the new sounds

A question here, a question there, a question from me, to you everywhere!

Would you consider adding airport maps into the game sometimes in the future? This means adding the names of airport taxiways.

Would the ‘drag and taxi’ feature be something looked into the future, becuase correct me if I’m wrong the maps are streamed?

A bunch of questions regarding above:

  • Would this affect the device?

  • How would this affect the controllers? Would you believe the progressive taxi instructions would be of no need, because of the drag and taxi? And would you believe if the controllers would be able to handle this? Would it help them, or would it need more controllers?

  • How would this affect the pilots? Do you think they would they be able to follow the instructions given?

  • For IFAET, would that be something we have to implement? Or would it be a developer POV, since to my knowledge our systems don’t allow us to name taxiways.

Speaking of which, would 3d objects such as runway and taxiway markings be indicated?

Another question:

What would be the plan for Ground clearance frequency (I forgot the name)? Would it be added, since it is very confusing when on the servers and having controllers asking pilots to constantly switch between frequencies.

And suddenly a load of people people clapping outside my house, congratulating the NHS for helping with COVID-19. That was weird and funny listening to my entire neighbourhood whooping.


spends a week with headphones unable to listen to music

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Will there be an inside the cockpit ATC voice

I have a q/a question and I think it is a small but relevant topic. Will you guys add spinning wheels and animated gear on touchdown into replay mode because I and many others don’t land in outer view and would like to review and see how satisfying our landing was?

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In the livestream they announced engine sounds are coming to the 777 along with APU

can you say anything about the 757 rework?

Will there be the Published Altitude and Speed Restrictions published as per the procedure?

Nothing was mentioned.


Can you guys talk about the presence of VATC?

Also, shoutout to the regulars out there.

What’s the traffic increase on the server like now since everyone is flying more? Since everyone is at home.

They apparently are working on another aircraft, but will not mention it. That’s all I heard 🤷🏻‍♂️

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What are your thoughts on the Airbus A220?

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Good job mods!


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I know I am asking if they and/or will say anything about the rework

Hey Infinite Flight!

Always upping the game on everything! Love your continued work ❤️

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