Infinite Flight at AirVenture 2019 In Oshkosh!

The main aviation event of the year is about to descend upon Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the United States this weekend. For an entire week, the control tower at Wittman Regional Airport becomes the busiest in the world. This year, as EAA celebrates 50 years of AirVenture, Infinite Flight is getting in on the action. We’ll be exhibiting along with almost a thousand other commercial exhibitors in a sold-out show. Last year, over 600,000 people passed through the gates to attend this event.

[In 2018] more than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh and other airports in east-central Wisconsin. At Wittman alone, there were 19,588 aircraft operations in the 11-day period from July 20-30, which is an average of approximately 134 takeoffs/landings per hour.

For more amazing statistics and information about AirVenture 2018, visit their blog.

Infinite Flight Oshkosh Action

XCubs To Oshkosh

We’re not satisfied just standing by at our booth! We’ll be hosting a new event called XCubs To Oshkosh, where anyone with Infinite Flight on their device can make the journey to Oshkosh from wherever they are. We have partnered with EAA to promote this event and we can’t wait to share the spirit of aviation with all of you!

We will share more on this event later this week, but for now, our blog post contains all of the information you need to start preparing for your journey to Oshkosh.

Presentation Forum with Flight Chops

Our very own Laura Laban is teaming up with famous YouTube aviator and filmmaker, Steve Thorne to give a presentation next Wednesday at 10:00CST. At the ForeFlight Forum Stage 8, Laura and Steve will discuss the huge advantages of practicing using mobile sims before you get in the cockpit. If you’re at Oshkosh, you don’t want to miss this great chat! We are still working out the details of a possible giveaway for those attending so check back here for that!

For ALL of the up-to-date information including official community meetups, and to join in on the chat on Twitter, please visit our new OSH19 website:

Last, but certainly not least, @JoshFly8 has again put a thread together for community discussions between members who are planning to attend. This can end up being very useful for those that want to meet up with fellow community members to share in the joy of Oshkosh together! Some community members have even shared some common expenses in the past at events. For more on that and to join the chat, head over here: Oshkosh 2019 Plans

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you at Oshkosh!


Wow! Amazing! Hope it’s great for all you going :)


Looks like a really exciting event! Is it on the Expert Server?


You should really do some more reading ;) It’s on the casual server.


Oh that’s great! I was grade 3, I got ghosted so I’m grade 2 for now ;)


I can’t wait to see Steve and the whole IF team and experience this amazing event in person! Cya in a week!


I will try and make it from wherever I am to Oshkosh on IF but I’m sure I won’t make it 😜


Looks Amazing! I’ll be there for sure!


This is why it’s hard living in Austin. Of course, I could get a ride up their but I can’t Anglo because my parents hate small planes and don’t have the money for big ones. Also, they’d say I’d get kidnapped even though I’m 14, so I’m in the middle to older half of the community.


Nice! I won’t be able to make it IRL but will try my best to make it in IF!


I love it I’m not sure where it is 👍🏽🤔

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Beautiful! Hard to believe this has come up so quickly.

The schedule seems to have a great spread. I think it’ll be pretty convenient for everyone, fortunately. NATCA is holding some amazing seminars on methods of handling VFR traffic that I absolutely must attend. :D


Question, can we use other XCub liveries with full glass for the event?


Could someone tell me where the event starts, sorry for the question but I’m not sure and I’ll love to be apart of this 😄

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Wait, seeing aircraft types, does this mean, keeping with the GA the am, I could fly my beloved TBM?

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I can’t stress enough that you should read our OSH19 site, the XCubs To Oshkosh Post, and the NOTAM all in their entirety before asking questions :) All of these answers are there!


Have fun at Osh!

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Awesome! I read everything and it sounds great! I may try to fly in from KAUS or KEDC with fuel stops if needed. That’s gonna be a long one. Can’t wait! @BadPlane 😉


Ok sorry thank you 👍🏽


I’ll go. Wanna fly it next week like Friday. We could spend the night in Kansas or Nebraska. I’ll use a TBM for my flight. I’ll get amp going for us. I do still owe you a flight