Infinite Flight Assitant

I have a message sent to the developer support.
But is anyone who uses this app. experiencing a issue with their Auto Pilot disconnect warning sound not playing? All other aspects of the app work ok with any airframe. Just the AP disconnect does not.

I know not to use it with the 777, 757 and A330 aircraft

It does not work on any of my devices, Samsung Note 9, TabS4 or new Tab S7 .

Just wondered if I am alone experiencing this problem
…yes I have updated and reinstalled IFA


All works fine for me…


I also have this problem because Infinite Flight already added this sound, so IFA decided to delete the AP sound.

That was to the update thread :)

Have nice day!

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Nope. It was not deleted.

It was just turned off for aircraft which have an autopilot disconnect alarm in IF.

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Sorry my expression wasn’t that good…

That’s what I mean they turn it off to 777, 757 and A330.

Thx :)

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Your also said:

Turning off the sound for certain aircraft was a fix and not a problem.


Because for him it’s a problem so I continued with this word PROBLEM.

Yeah. That’s actually a problem.

Please make sure what you write is actually true and not confusing. Otherwise you might not be helping at all.

I just checked and both the sounds (Boeing and Airbus) are working fine on two Android devices I tested it on (Tab S6 and S10+).

Are you sure the option is actually turned on?

The alarm only sounds when in the air though.
On the ground it doesn’t work.

Is there a specific aircraft you’re having the issue with?

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Mine works fine on Tab S7. In A330 cockpit I can hear both the general IF version and IF assistant airbus version…

Not sure if fully related, but I got a great explanation in an other forum topic about how it is works:

That’s exactly how it works.

In a future update of IF-A, the A/P disconnect Alarm will be turned off for all aircraft for which the alarm has been added in IF recently.

It’s on the list, so let’s hope Epaga will have time soon.

The information you’re referring to does not relate to the alarm not working in IF-A though.

It should be fine, so I wonder what’s going on in this case.
It’s either turned off, or I missed an aircraft during testing, but if that was the case we probably would have heard about it already.

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Btw, I want to Register the Bushtalk Radio, I can’t Register… What’s Wrong…?

In order to login to Bushtalk Radio in IF-A, you first have to create an account.

Thanks A lot !

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I Spoke to John Georhing ? The dev…he is surprised and will look into it i guess. He did not delete the sounds and feature. Thats his words not mine

Let me test it in flight phase again and not just on the ground

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To all of you who commented thank you.

The issue was it dosen’t work on the ground , full stop.

So the problem was me.

As for the comment that this feature was removed from IFA after the new 777/757/A330 was released is simply wrong. It’s still a active feature in the App.


Its my fault, the feature works ok, just not on the ground. I will contact John to let him know my situation was a false alarm. Sorry to bother everybody with this

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The feature is NOT deleted from IFA . That blanket statement is not true. My issue is resolved now.The Alarm always was working, not just on the ground which is where i tried to use it.
So its my fault I couldn’t hear it…its ok when airborne.
thank you

Sorry I saw that in their last update….

I saw that on their update thread like 4 days ago but ok.

I’m sorry I just wanted to help you