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Hey lads, how many people can give an honest opinion on Infinite Flight Assistant? Like is it actually worth 4.99? Ive never used it but plan on it. Whats your opinions on it, if i may ask?


I personally love infinite flight assistant. It has saved me multiple times and adds that little bit more realism that IF is missing on its own. I think it’s definitely worth the money.

That being said if you are really considering purchasing IFA i would suggest going through the topic below. It includes some of the features and what you can expect from IFA as a consumer.


I have been using it for a while now and I thoroughly enjoy it. My only gripe is that recently, there have been issues with the voice that the app uses for RAAS warnings. The staff is trying to trouble shoot it, so hopefully this tiny inconvenience will disappear shortly. That being said, its a great add-on for Infinite Flight. Very user friendly and adds realism to your IF experience.

Hope this helps!


Great!!! Beautifully said lads. I just read the Features above and i think i will give it a go. Shaky Cam, yes, how realistic is that. Im sold!!! Thanks for you guys’ opinions, downloading now.


Just another vote to say how great it is and it is great value for money. It really adds the final layer of realism in flying within the Infinite Flight World! @epaga has done a fantastic job on it and seems to be someone who doesn’t rest on his laurels! BZ.


I use it for ever flight whether I’m doing GA or commercial

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It’s a very good app and helps with realism throughout a flight. But I gotta say, 30 usd is a little expensive to unlock the full potential, as to unlock other features you must pay 4.99.

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Wow, everybody, talk about making my day with this thread! Thanks so much everyone for the kind words.

IFA takes the First “enhanced” Text-to-speech English Voice it can find, but if it can’t find one it takes the first normal English voice it can find. If you install an enhanced English voice in your Accessibility settings, it should sound better.

P.S. I’d like to add - people like @Jan and others helping are not paid staff! They are volunteering massive amounts of time all on their own and I am super humbled and thankful for it. Big shoutout to this great community.


It’s worth every penny and more it’s brilliant it adds so much to an already amazing sim

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When still in doubt: 😉


I often saw it, never thought about that but when I see this:


Hopefully it is as nice aa I think it is

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It is great addon for if, it give it a realism effect. 100% recommend.


Hello there, I would honestly recommend ‘Infinite Passengers’ It’s a good third party app and for £1.99 a month you get your own virtual airline with sound packs and GPWS call outs . I honestly think that this is better because it’s a cheaper alternative.

Infinite Passengers is a subscription based app whereas In-Flight Assistant is not 😁

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Thanks for the reply, I will give that a try. The app is overall so awesome that the voice issue is an easy one to overlook. Thanks for all your hard work!

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The thing is you also get a virtual airline and a virtual cargo airline with real airline safety procedures and boarding music.

This app is awesome!!!
Buy everything except the voice thing tho!!
If you use IFP with this app it’s more awesomeness lol
I don’t think you should buy the instrument stuff(the other app) tho;)

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It totally worth it.
you can feel like you’re on a real plane, with co-pilot, passengers.
It gives something very cool.
I suggest you to watch the video of the dev.

Unless you’re on Huawei, it keeps disconnecting.
We don’t know why.


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