Infinite flight assistant problem

IFA= Infinite flight assistant//// I bought all of the IFA things, but know there is a problem

For some reason, IFA can not stay connected the whole flight, after 2 hours the app crashes (IFA) is there a way to keep it connected the whole time with out this happening?

What device are you on?

And do u have a stable wi-if connection?

IPhone 7 @tunamkol

and yes, my wifi is really good

I believe I saw some other people with same issue the other day

I’ve had this problem happen twice to me recently. Not since the update tho. I have an iPad 3rd gen 16gb of storage.

Do u have enough storage?

I got 12 GB left

@con @FLIGHT2 most of the time, having another app running in the background makes IF and that app extremely prone to crashing

It’s not a storage issue, I know that cause IF is the only thing on the iPad. It has something to do with connection. WiFi is good for me. It also says it’s still connected in the app but the voices can’t be heard when they should be playing.

I only have 3 apps open during flights
and timer so I can come back to my device when at the TOD

I also have IFA, but had no issues with it. I got an iPad mini 4 with 40+ left storage

@epaga - this is the founder and lead developer of In-Flight Assistant/Instruments/etc. Tagging him so he can better assist you when he is available

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Great no more replies are needed unless it’s a solution.

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Hey guys - does this happen on every flight for you or is there a specific route where it doesn’t? One other possibility: could it be you have an alarm going off or a phone call coming in during this time? There have been issues with this disturbing the connection to the API.

Do short flights work well?

Short flight are fine

How ever when I do long haul is we’re the trouble starts going in.

It happens On all the long hauls for me.

However, I do set alarms for flights so I know when to start up VNAV, that is the only outher app I have in the background @epaga

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Just as a test then could you try without the alarm? That would show whether that is the issue. BTW, if you are using IF-A’s VNAV feature, it can notify you before waypoints! :-)

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I, too, experience this problem sometimes and have done for a lil while. Have to exit out and restart the app to get everything reconnected. Tho I don’t have any alarms or anything set.

Hi for me ,when I’m still on the ground Preparing my flight plan with live ATC , as I begin to add SID to my plan and then do my start up procedures in the cockpit your Sean voice does not come on ,a few minutes later as I get to the departure rwy and turn on the strobe lights IF crashes and your app IF-A just hangs will try again…