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I recently do a flight from EGLL to YSSY so I was very heavy, when I was at cruise altitude at FL330 I leave the iPad (because I can’t stay 21h of flight looking the sky) and later I start to play the guitar, when I finish the song I go to look the iPad and I found the plane at 9000ft with more than 300kt with the landing gear down, this is the second time it happens, the last time I found the plane with the screen “crash”.
On If-A I have the voice commands activated so I thing is a issue of the app because the last time I was playing the guitar too, I get now 12 violations for fault of this app and I want ask if I can do something for get the last 6 violations removed and return after a whole week to expert server.
I’m a good pilot, I only have 8 violations since I’m here and is frustrating that for this app I get 12 more and can’t participate on events… I recorded the audio of the song that I was playing if that helps for something…
Thanks for your time.


This could have been a number of things, but I don’t believe it’s just the app playing up. I use Assistant and it works fine.

  1. You could have set the wrong altitude on Assistant by accident, so you would’ve descended to Fl90.

  2. You could have been too heavy for your flight level. See A Guide to Step Climbing for more info.

I am not too sure why the gear would have come down though, as Assistant only controls the AP.

I have the voice commands activated, i do all the calculates for the flight,fuel, height ideal flight level, all and it wasn’t my faul, like I said, I leave the app in cruise altitude without any problem and I start play the guitar in ,y room and this happens

Sorry to hear that.

When I watch movie with my iPad running IF nearby, sometimes the gear would be extended because some sounds might be close to “gear” which is a recognisable voice command for IFA. But “set altitude nine thousand”, I believe, could most probably not be activated by a random sound pattern.

My best advice is to set the voice command activated only when you’re gonna use it, especially when it’s not a calm surroundings.


Sorry to hear about the violations.
As far as I know the policy is that nothing can be done about violations received during use of third party apps.

As others have said, to prevent issues, only enable Voice Commands when you use it.

The commands for the gear will be changed so they will not be triggered so easily.

As for the loss of altitude; I have no idea how that could have happened.

Is there any other information you can share?

I was so heavy, near MTOW and maybe the gear produce a lot of drag to make me lose speed and stall

Let’s do some tests.

So! FL330?

Weight; 297449
Pax: 213

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Gear down at FL330 at M 0.78 results in the speed slowly dropping.
At M 0.60 at the moment. Still dropping.

EDIT: It seems to be stable at M 0.58.

EDIT 2: After turning into a 75 kts headwind, the speed started dropping again, resulting in an autopilot disconnect and a dive.

Then it started to fall

Yes, I know thanks for test it

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But this post is for infinite flight assistant, not infinite passengers

Ooopsies :)
@epaga is your man then

When you encounter further issues, have any questions or want to be updated on upcoming features and the progress of updates, please check, or post in, this topic:

Oh, and it’s In-Flight Assistant, not Infinite Flight Assistant. ;)

John, (epaga) is the app developer.
I am, among other things, the main beta tester.
Since John is often very busy, chances are he’ll only post, or respond to, the important things. In that case expect me to be the one helping out first with any issues.

Sure,thanks, I’m bet tester too of infinite passengers so if you find any issue say me,see you in the sky and safe landings

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