Infinite flight app?

Just curious, but is there an app that I could download to access the forum through my phone or do I have to login through safari. Thank you! :)

Hi there! You can download the Discourse app where you can have everything on the forum on that app.


If you’re on apple you can add it to your home screen.
Click the middle button

Something like this should show up, hit add to home page

Then click add

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The other alternative is you can also add Infinite Flight to your home screen through a shortcut, you can do this on both android and iOS.

On android, it’s as simple as signing in with chrome pressing the 3 dots in the top right corner and selecting add to home screen.

You can find an iOS guide below:


Sweet! Thank you guys for all your suggestions


Hey, what do I have to paste as link into the App? I cannot just put the link of ifc in

You have to paste the IFC link in if I recall correctly.

Now I’m writing from the app but is there a way when opening the app it automatically opens the forum without pressing any extra buttons ?

So when you open the app it’ll take you a menu of forums you have within the app. You just click on the ifc and it’s there for ya. You can’t automatically have it opened on the app when you open the app unless you make the website an app as shown above like a shortcut.

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Yeah, that was the ways I used until now. Thanks for the advise. I’m now using the app :)

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