Infinite Flight App Recommendations

Hi IFC, I haven’t seen a topic based prominently on this subject so I thought I’d ask the question. As many of us aviation enthusiasts know there are many apps available to us that can be used to monitor our flights, weather and other traffic over the infinite flight skies, in order to get the most out of our Infinite Flight experience. The obvious ones would include Live Flight and Windy. If possible please reply with any of your app recommendations that could be used by myself and others members of the community reading this topic for the benefit of everyone sake, thanks. :)

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I really recommend IF Passengers if you like to make your flights realistic as possible. The subscription is under 3$ a month (Optional) and gives a wide range of airlines to choose from. They give you all sorts of announcements from leaving the gate to after landing.


I’ve compiled a large list of third-party Infinite Flight resources here if you’re interested:


IF Passengers I might add is no longer supported by Infinite Flight.

@Ben_McCarthy I recommend In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Operations.

IF-A gives you cockpit callouts and IF-O generates a flight report of your flight.


Oh I didn’t know sorry. I haven’t used that app in a while

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